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About Garver Law

Big business, big insurance companies, and medical institutions, be it doctors, hospitals, HMO’s or Nursing Homes: The institutional forces in our lives can make individuals and families feel so small. This is especially true when we find ourselves up against those same forces in court.

Enter attorney Steven M Garver of the Garver Law Offices in Northern Virginia. For more than 40 years, our law firm has represented real people with real problems. Whether you are taking legal action against a private hospital or public company to gain justice, attorney Garver is behind you, and alongside you, all the way. You can depend on our sound counsel, strategic insight and client commitment from your initial consultation through the resolution of your case.

Garver Law Offices is dedicated to providing quality legal services to the community and in representing real people in a world which has become become complicated by big business, big medicine and big insurance companies which all seem to exercise more and more control over our daily lives.  In a world in which it is increasingly difficult for “the little guy” to go to city hall and in which the blur of big government, politics, big medicine, and insurance companies tend to control the legislative process and the executive branch of our governments, access to the judicial system becomes more important to protect the rights and interests of “real” people.

Garver Law Offices prides itself in being a personal litigation firm…representing real people with real problems.  Whether you have been injured by a negligent doctor, medical group, nursing home, hospital, HMO, or a negligent or drunk driver we will try to help you.  Contrary to its advertised image, the insurance industry is far more interested in receiving and investing your premiums than in fairly compensating you for your injuries.  We can help you.  If your doctor or medical provider have negligently injured you, we can help you.  If a truck hits your car or that of a loved one, we can help you.

You’ll appreciate the way our experienced founder’s versatility can work in your favor. We can negotiate on your behalf behind the scenes or aggressively litigate in your best interest. Steven M Garver is no stranger to a courtroom. For many years, he’s been known to appear in a courtroom daily. When you or your family has been victimized by a negligent driver or doctor, a vengeful partner or a competing company, we want to know about it at the Garver Law Offices in Reston.

The lawyers at Garver Law Offices have been engaged in the practice of law since 1975.  The firms roots and beginnings in Reston, Virginia date from late 1976 when Steven Garver moved from Fairfax City to Reston to open his law office at Lake Anne.  Through the years the firm has acquired considerable experience largely involving litigation.  Our lawyers have acted as local counsel to large national and international law firms engaged in various litigation throughout Virginia.

The firm has extensive experience in litigation involving tort matters including medical negligence (medical malpractice), HMO malpractice, Hospital negligence, nursing home abuse and other personal injury litigation arising from automobile collisions, truck collisions, and other claims arising from other wrongdoing or negligence.  The firm has extensive experience in claims arising from business disputes and torts.

A common denominator in all of our practice has been people.  The lawyers at Garver Law Offices have been proud to represent real people with real problems.

The firm has long been rated AV by Martindale Hubbel’s  Best Lawyers in America.  And Mr. Garver is recognized as one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in America.

Contact Garver Law Offices

Scheduling your free initial consultation with us is as close as your telephone. Contact us online, email, fax, or call us at 703-471-1090. We return after-hours messages promptly and keep our schedules flexible.

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