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Making a Phone Call After a Traffic AccidentAn accident can cause damage that hits hard from a financial, emotional and physical standpoint. Injuries may be as minor as a bruise or as serious as a brain injury or spinal cord injury. No matter what type of injury, you deserve full compensation.

At the Garver Law Offices, we represent the “little guy” because in our eyes, you are the most important person. We are in Reston, Virginia, and represent individuals throughout nearby cities in personal injury and car accident cases.

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Minimizing Pain and Suffering With a Dedicated Reston Car Accident Attorney

We represent individuals who have been injured in serious car accidents. The accident may have involved a drunk driver or a driver who was texting while driving. Serious injuries should not be suffered alone; you deserve compensation for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

Attorney Steven M Garver fully advocates for his clients and aggressively fights on their behalf in the courtroom. For more than 30 years, he has represented clients — so his knowledge of the local and circuit courts is superior. He is familiar with local judges and understands how to create strategies that will provide the best possible results. He has even successfully represented a motorcyclist and won a $15 million judgment.

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  1. Remain Calm
    It is normal after even a slight collision for you to be confused and under severe stress.
  2. Stop at the Scene
    Do not leave the scene without exchanging name, address, telephone numbers and insurance information with the other driver(s) and passengers involved.  Get the name, address and telephone number of each witness to the collision and the name and badge number of any police officer investigating your accident.  Make a sketch diagram of the accident for your attorney (it should be addressed to your attorney).
  3. Protect the Scene
    Do not move your vehicle before the police arrive at the scene unless it is a minor impact and your vehicle poses a danger to you and others.  (If you are on an interstate highway, move your vehicle, if able off to the side of the road).
  4. Protect Your Rights
    Do not discuss the collision with anyone other than the police, your own insurance company and your own attorney.  Do not render any opinions about the accident.  Do not admit any fault.
  5. Notify Your Insurer
    Notify your own insurance company as soon as possible and cooperate with them fully.  (Failure to promptly notify your insurer and cooperate with your insurer may exempt them from providing you coverage and/or legal representation they may be otherwise obligated to provide under the terms of your insurance contract).
  6. Seek Treatment for Injuries Sustained
    Seek medical attention promptly if you are injured.
  7. Seek Legal Counsel

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